Marketing: Schemes Or Strategy?

Successful Marketing Strategy With Common Sense

In today’s open market, businesses are more competitive than ever – they have to be. With the rising cost of everything and the stagnant rate of income, people are holding onto their money longer and are generally more cautious when spending it.

When a customer is finally ready to open his or her wallet, getting that first sale doesn’t mean you have achieved success. Many businesses have opened and closed before their first year anniversary because their marketing strategy was based on getting as many potential customers through the door as quickly as possible. This so-called strategy is a recipe for disaster.
successful marketing for the consumer
Just remember, no one has ever made a dime from a potential customer. Money comes in when you have paying customers. How do you turn a customer from potential to paying?

Easy. Don’t try to sell them anything.


Good Business Sells Itself

At some point in their life, everyone has gotten a call from a telemarketer who won’t take no for an answer. Or maybe you’ve been to a used car lot where the salesman tries to interest you in a BMW instead of the Honda you inquired about.

Most clients can find what they need on their own, but want to be reassured that they are purchasing the right product for their needs. They would rather go home empty-handed than waste money on something that doesn’t meet their needs, they don’t want, or can’t afford.

If a customer wants or needs something, they will buy it. If you’re not listening to what they’re saying, your sales approach will push them out the door, that person will become someone else’s customer, and you’ll never see them again.


Customer Service

On the other hand, ignoring your customers until they approach the checkout is another way of communicating that you only want their money. Show people you want them, not just their hard-earned cash.

The people who seek out a business don’t just want a product or service. They want to be reassured that you have their best interests at heart – not your own bottom line. Don’t worry, your bottom line will actually benefit from going above and beyond the call of duty for your clients and customers. It’s called customer service.

Without good service, customers won’t find a reason to come back. We have all heard complaints that go something like this:

“I was at Acme Store yesterday to buy a new TV, but no sales staff would help me so I eventually left.”

Clients are people, too, and they want to know that they will be treated that way – every time. If a customer gets a good feeling about being in your presence, they will come back. Customers want to know that they are spending their money wisely. And if something should go wrong, they want to know that they will be taken care of properly, with a replacement, a refund or other appropriate action. Good old-fashioned helpfulness goes a long way, too!


Just One More Fee

The nickel and dime game can be a real turn-off. This involves small fee add-ons that result in much higher final totals than the customer originally agreed to. Mobile phone companies are famous for this tactic. Have you ever looked at your phone bill? It turns out that the $100 per month plan actually comes to $147 after all the nickel and dime charges.

Customers don’t want to be tricked into paying for things that they weren’t aware of until after the sale has been rung up. Paying for assembly charges on an item that is already assembled is a famous example of this.



A successful business is not built on making the most money. It is built on making money from happy customers. Everyone loves a story. Both happy and unhappy customers tell stories, and their friends and relatives tend to listen. When the stories they tell are about a shopping experience, it can turn into a referral. Statistically, referrals result in the largest amount of repeat business and customer loyalty. Many highly successful businesses stake their reputation on it.

If Joe asks Judy where she bought her new thingamabob, one of two things will happen. Either Judy will say:
successful marketing through referrals

“Well, Joe, if you need a good thingamabob, you should go to company X. They’re very helpful.”

Or Judy might say:

“Ugh. I went to Acme. I’m never going there again.” And chances are, Joe won’t either.

Supplying your customers with positive experiences that become positive comments as they spread the word about your company, is what generates referrals.


Marketing Strategy

Strategists can be found in almost every employment sector in the world, not just sales. Military strategists, for example, are employed to win wars. With a little tactical planning, you can plan your own victories in business. A successful marketing strategy doesn’t have to be expensive, catchy or go viral on YouTube in order to be effective – it just has to be smart and developed with common sense.

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