Content Marketing

What Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a long-term marketing strategy that helps you to create a strong and and long-lasting relationship with your clients and customers. This relationship is established by presenting them with high-quality content that is relevant, consistent, and an invaluable source of information to which they can return on a regular basis. Effective content marketing turns a first-time customer into a loyal returning customer who comes to depend on your expertise.

Best Content Marketing Methods

Content marketing can be achieved through through various types of media. However, to be effective, you need to place the content where your customers will see it and engage in it. The best content marketing mediums depend on your target audience.

Digital Content Marketing

Blog Articles
Web Page Content
Targeted Landing Pages
Social Media
Email marketing
Free downloads/apps
Online conferencing (Zoom presentations)

Traditional Print Marketing

Brochures /Flyers
Business Cards
Print Ads
… And much more

Digital Content

No matter which types of content marketing as best for your Marketing Strategy, you need to have a good, clear presentation that conveys the correct message to the appropriate audience. Whether you choose video, podcasts, or traditional print marketing, effective digital content needs to be presented in a format that connects and informs depending on who your target audience is. New adults view the world much differently than senior citizens. Different methods have to be used to attract their attention – and keep it. Digital content links can also be included in your written content, strengthening your network of resources that are available to your audience.

Content Writing

Written content, such as blogging, social media, and promotional articles allows you provide information to your audience, build links that strengthen your website, and attract internet traffic that brings more visitors to your site and to your business. More than 80% of businesses have benefited from content writing.

Publishing written content on a regular basis gives you the opportunity to showcase your knowledge or skills and build credibility. Providing valuable information to the public helps build trust among your followers and clients. Over time, readers will come to think of you as a reliable resource that may eventually persuade them to become loyal customers.

Content writing also gives your audience a chance to respond and comment giving you some valuable insight regarding what they are looking for and how to improve your customer service. Staying in touch with your customers lets them know you actually care what they think and that their input can make a difference.

Web Content

Marketing, SEO, mobile apps, web development, responsive websites

When Oliver Marketing designs a website, we don’t give our clients a site with empty pages. As part of our web design packages, we offer full content writing services. Your website will be a finished product when it is presented to you. Web content is a direct reflection of the site we have developed, conveying exactly what services your offer through engaging content that both attracts and keeps the attention of your visitors. You have less than 3 seconds to make an impression – we‘ll make sure it’s a great one!

Plagiarism Protection

All our web content is guaranteed original. Our clients receive plagiarism protection with all writing services. Plagiarized content is grounds for legal action and can even result in the removal of your website. Don’t take a chance by attempting to write your own content or having a friend do it for you. Our professional writers are experienced at creating original content.

SEO Integration

Most people aren’t aware of how important SEO is within the content of a website. Search engines use written content just as much as back-end programming to determine the rank of your website. Throwing in a few keywords isn’t enough. Content SEO is researched and strategically placed to get you the optimum return on your investment and bring you internet traffic.