Branding and Logo Design
Windsor, Lakeshore Ontario

Our Windsor branding services focus on building unique brands that connect with your audience and make you stand out from your competitors.  Branding isn’t just about designing a cool logo.  It’s about the perception potential customers have of your brand.  Through brand development we work closely with your organization to understand (or create) your value proposition, your unique identity, your message, and finally, your logo.

Key Branding Elements

Corporate Identity

Your company has unique features, personality, and a specific purpose. Conveying that to the public is done by establishing a corporate identity through brand recognition. With our help, your customers will develop confidence in your services.

Logo Design

Although many logos are abstract in nature, a good one is easily associated with the brand it represents. Our graphic designers will create an effective logo design that is simple, appropriate, and sends a visual message to attract the attention of consumers.

Service Reliability

Meet the expectations of your customers by providing them with reliable results that they can count on. We’ll help you establish the service guidelines your customers will come to expect. Build confidence with a no-surprises approach to products and service.

Brand Recognition

Logos aren’t the only symbol of a good brand. A catchy slogan, a color scheme, and even the shape of a company’s building can reflect an easily identifiable brand. We use as many branding elements as possible to help you establish brand recognition.

Consumer Loyalty

Successful companies are built on repeat business from loyal consumers. Loyalty is the result of satisfaction. We’ll show you how to satisfy your customers by helping you find out what they want and deciding the best way to fulfill their needs.

Market Reputation

Every company has a reputation, just make sure your company has a good one. Not all feedback is good, but knowing how to use it to improve business is a skill our team members have experience with. Ask us how to help improve your market reputation.

A Few of Our Logo Designs

Creating a Brand Strategy

To create an authentic brand your audience wants to engage with, we begin with your insight.  Through discuss with you, we look to gather your perspective on items such as your mission, goals, brand value, demographics, and your competition. This information is used to begin developing a brand strategy that:

  • Develops a unique identify your audience will connect with
  • Sets you apart from your competitors
  • Provide you with a brand style guide for brand consistency
  • Define your brand’s message

Boosting Brand Recognition with Graphic Design

Graphic Design is a way to give your digital or print media a visual punch. Eye-catching designs that use an attractive color scheme with simple lines are more easily remembered. This can make a positive difference in the perception of your business or company.

First impressions are extremely important in a world whose attention span is getting shorter. We are constantly being pulled in many different directions at once. That means that there is only a few seconds to create instant attraction. The human brain automatically interprets colors, shapes and symbols and forms associations with experiences that are rooted in memory. These associations can be overt, or unconscious and subliminal. Our logo design and graphic design professionals use this natural psychology to cause the feeling of immediate familiarity.

Graphic design incorporates a combination of illustration, photography, typography and computer-generated designs, as well as others. Knowing which type of graphics to use is part of the process of creating a great design that is easily recognized and remembered.